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Brixworth Estates Residential Development – Grow Environmental Solutions
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Brixworth Estates Residential Development

Environmental and Ecological Services, Brixworth Estates Residential Development

GES conducted wetland delineations and stream determinations of the project site (in phases) to document all water resources. Water resources were overlaid with a site design to determine total impacts. Individual aquatic resource alteration permits (ARAP) and individual 4345 permits were compiled and submitted to TDEC and USACE for 401 and 404 certifications, respectively during each phase.

Permitted impacts included linear road crossings and utility crossings, as well as the filling of wetlands and removal of streams. The filling of wetlands and removal streams exceeded the de minimis allowed (0.5 acres for wetlands and 300 feet for streams) under a general permit. In order to offset wetland and stream impacts, GES developed a wetland basin associated with overall stormwater system for the development as well as performed stream mitigation onsite.

Additional mitigation, permitting, and coordination with TDEC and USACE for Phase VI is currently ongoing. As part of the permitting process, a rare, threatened, and endangered species habitat assessment was conducted to assess suitable habitat for state- and federal-listed species.

Project Details

(January 2016 – present); Mount Juliet, Tennessee - Breland Homes contracted Grow Environmental Solutions, LLC to provide environmental and ecological services associated with a proposed 200-acre, 6-phase residential development in Thompson Station, TN.

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